berkel unexpected custom
berkel unexpected custom


1958 - 1978

The floral theme barely outlined in the Sezession artwork is unleashed in Revolution.
The combination of different historical and aesthetic cycles creates unexpected analogies.
Arabesque lines are back after half a century.

The colorful Flower-Power theme of the Sixties has Oriental, spiritual, psychedelic, lysergic, even chemical influences.
The pure and simple joie de vivre at the turn of the previous century is no more.

A final break and the macabre monochromatism of the war and the post-war years is also no more.
The man in the grey flannel suit is swept away by the era which "invented youth culture".
Even submarines become peaceful, yellow, shiny: "So we sailed up to the sun/ Till we found a sea of green/ And we lived beneath the waves/ In our yellow submarine..."

A way to erase the memory of the Nazi U-boats, defeated by the cryptanalysis of the Enigma code.
After film, architecture and regime propaganda, the muse coming into play in this artwork is pop music.

The Beatles travel to India and make the East fashionable outside the usual esoteric elites and Sanskrit scholars: A youth without youth, to quote the novella by anthropologist Mircea Eliade as well as Francis Ford Coppola.

The only black allowed around '68 comes from the Black Panthers and Black Power movement, here represented by Malcom X's clenched fist.

This artwork is a psychedelic kaleidoscope of indelible memories: Lee Oswald shooting Kennedy, Jurij Gagarin, the Lavalamp landing on the moon...

silver leaf, transparent colors on glass windows, sparkle and metallic colors, metal flakes.

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A group of artists, architects, designers, art historians, writers and all of kinds of intellectuals came together over a decade ago to create the Unexpected-Custom brand.

Since then the atelier has drawn from their many skills. Incorporating over half a century of research and international success, new ideas are passionately produced by combining the creativeness of the young artists and the experience of the older masters.

Under the "UC" trademark you can find works from the simplest decorations to the most complex creations providing a visual and personal experience full of emotion, allusions and memories.

Like the contents of a manifesto of Viennese Secessionist art the creations come to life surprising the viewer with their high technical quality but also cultural ideas that vibrate due to these strong linkages between different disciplines of human knowledge.


After over 100 years, Berkel still means perfection, reliability, innovation, and durability.

A set of values handed down with pride and shared every day with those who step into this world.

Because Berkel is not just a trademark, it’s a lifestyle, a passion.

It’s dedication to elegance and quality.

Berkel is love for all things beautiful and unique.

The elegance of its shapes, the harmony of movement, the brightness of its blade: Berkel is a true design icon.

Subject to imitation as the most renowned luxury brands, Berkel brings all the charm of his history.





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