berkel unexpected custom
berkel unexpected custom


1918 - 1938

Just like the main character in that Čechov novella (My life), so the main character in Metropolis escapes the bonds of his caste to dive into the working class world.

Human hypogeum, inhuman apogee: the bowels of the earth populated by humble workers, the skyscrapers by algid despots.
We are in 2026, in a future that was a century away back then and is around the corner now.
The time table is all mixed up, depending on who’s dealing the cards.

The woman robot in the film (and on the B114 by Berkel) has the appearance of a human being, flesh and blood and all, but it’s just a trick to manipulate the crowd.
Like an avatar of the digital age, like a fake profile.

The New York skyline was a source of inspiration for the dystopian nightmare of the 1920s.
The skyscrapers both fascinating and disturbing.
The Chrysler Building, the Empire State Building...
The 1929 crisis is around the corner.

The fourteen studs, in place of the speike nails, can be seen as an alert, but they can also be a reference to Man Ray and his "Cadeu" full of nails, following a disruptive and ironic vision of Dada art in antithesis with the rigorous Bauhaus functionalism.

The clock, a chronological element often recurring in the six artworks on display, is taken from Modern Times.
The factory worker played by Chaplin is so alienated due to his mechanical work he sees the buttons on a secretary's skirt as bolts.

Great personal and epochal depression.
The B114 becomes the machine that feeds workers on lunch break and never stops turning.

The bottom of the painting is in mother of pearl. A cinematic reflection on the black & white of history.

mother of pearl powder, hematite, opaque colors, newspaper clippings, Swarovski studs.

berkel unexpected custom berkel unexpected custom berkel unexpected custom berkel unexpected custom berkel unexpected custom berkel unexpected custom


A group of artists, architects, designers, art historians, writers and all of kinds of intellectuals came together over a decade ago to create the Unexpected-Custom brand.

Since then the atelier has drawn from their many skills. Incorporating over half a century of research and international success, new ideas are passionately produced by combining the creativeness of the young artists and the experience of the older masters.

Under the "UC" trademark you can find works from the simplest decorations to the most complex creations providing a visual and personal experience full of emotion, allusions and memories.

Like the contents of a manifesto of Viennese Secessionist art the creations come to life surprising the viewer with their high technical quality but also cultural ideas that vibrate due to these strong linkages between different disciplines of human knowledge.


After over 100 years, Berkel still means perfection, reliability, innovation, and durability.

A set of values handed down with pride and shared every day with those who step into this world.

Because Berkel is not just a trademark, it’s a lifestyle, a passion.

It’s dedication to elegance and quality.

Berkel is love for all things beautiful and unique.

The elegance of its shapes, the harmony of movement, the brightness of its blade: Berkel is a true design icon.

Subject to imitation as the most renowned luxury brands, Berkel brings all the charm of his history.





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